I guide women into experiencing God's healing to:

Reclaim your IDENTITY Embrace your VALUE Walk in your PURPOSE

Life is built on choices. The choice to heal, the choice to grow and the choice to experience freedom. 

I am here to guide you into experiencing the freedom you want by providing the space to encounter God and His healing for you. 

"You can't have what you won't let yourself receive."

Choose The Life Of 
Your Dreams

hi friend—

I'm passionate about helping women heal. I care that their identity is intact with the Lord as I believe our choices and reflection of who we are stems from there. 

My goal is to teach you how to attune to God and yourself to uncover the layers of pain and hurt to experience freedom and peace in your life. 

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I am Alex Lea


I LOVED my coaching experience with Alex.

She came at such the perfect time and honestly I felt so stuck when we started. Since then, I have not felt stuck in that area because I was given practical tools to help me work through it.

I've honestly seen transformation in my family since then too. As I've opened up conversations that aren't normally talked about, others in my family have opened up too. 

I've been able to be a lot more vulnerable in my relationship which has helped me feel seen.

I still often reference many of the things she taught me, and even share them with others. The program expanded my self-awareness to learn to trust myself, my voice, and my needs. 

the beginning

and this is just


Alex helped me find my voice, let go of unnecessary guilt, and speak up for what I want and need from others.

Something that significantly stands out is her heart to truly understand me and dig deeper into aspects of my life I would have never thought to unravel.

She has a unique way of lovingly pushing me to be the best version of myself that’s rooted in God’s love.

Alex’s authentic desire to deeply understand people, while championing them to live their healthiest life is such a gift that I really hope so many others get the chance to experience.

the beginning

and this is just



"I just feel so safe to tell her everything.” That’s the first thing I said after my first conversation with Alex.

Since that moment, she has been such a key roll in my growth of finding my voice and releasing hurt, guilt, and shame.

She continually champions me into a place of strength and freedom. Even when I don’t have the words to describe what I’m feeling or where the root of my emotions and actions are coming from, she is able to get me to a place of discovery.

Alex’s love for the Lord shines through every conversation. She leads with the Father's love in a way that calls me higher but gives me the tools on how to do it.

the beginning

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let's experience healing